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Base Convert and Base Encode

By @sskaje

Base Convert

Base conversion is a very basic skill in programming.
I was taught converting between decimal(base-10) and binary(base-2), decimal(base-10) and octal(base-8), decimal(base-10) and hexadecimal(base-16), and of course among base 2-powered numbers(pow(2,n)).

The conversion is quite simple, division is the only arithmetic operation we need.
If we want to convert a base-m number to a base-n number by our hands, the common way is:
1 Convert base-m number A to base-10 number B;
2 Convert base-10 number B to base-n number C.
just because the base-10 is the most familiar base to humans.

Base Convert and Base Encode by @sskaje:

Simplified Nginx Proxy for Google URLs in WordPress

By @sskaje

In Nginx proxy for Google URLs in WordPress, I wrote lots of lines configuring proxies and subs_filter rules.
Here is the newer simplified one:


Simplified Nginx Proxy for Google URLs in WordPress by @sskaje:
Mallory 学习研究 项目、研究

mallory proxy update

By @sskaje

Here is my fork of mallory:, which, as it’s said, is a powerful TCP/UDP proxy, but way too old.
Here you can find how to install it, but the official repo one.

I created a pull request here, but seems IntrepidusGroup guys are not working on this anymore.

And the TCP/UDP raw protocol debug still not work for me. Hope I can figure it out one day.

Btw, quotes of my commit logs:

mallory proxy update by @sskaje:
Mallory 学习研究

Brief Intro to Mallory

By @sskaje

MiTM(Man in The Middle) is a good way analysing protocols, especially when there’s an SSL.
To analyse HTTP/HTTPS protocol, we have Charles Proxy. Posts on my blog can be found (there’s another MiTM proxy, ‘mitmproxy’, and, will try later.)
For others, mallory is recommended.


Mallory is an extensible TCP/UDP man in the middle proxy that is designed to be run as a gateway. Unlike other tools of its kind, Mallory supports modifying non-standard protocols on the fly.

We have mallory from and

Brief Intro to Mallory by @sskaje:
Linux OS X 操作系统相关 笔记


By @sskaje

Meet The Problem

Problem occurs when I’m using ssh working on my Ubuntu/Debian from ‘Terminal‘ of Mac OS X’s own.

I can’t remember the first time I saw

LC_CTYPE issue on OS X SOLVED! by @sskaje:

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